Final Report

Final report
51st World Congress, Athens 2018

Read the full proceedings (texts, photos, videos) at: click on each item in Proceedings.

225 conferees (click on List of Conferees)
39 countries of the 5 continents

12 University professors from 9 countries in the Scientific Committee.
25 CID Members worked as volunteers in the Congress Team

189 presentations, that is:
66 lectures
49 classes
66 performances
4 video projections
4 exhibitions

Forthcoming congresses
Mumbai, India, 12-16 December 2018
Nassau, Bahamas, April 2019
Athens, Greece, June 2019

CID World Congresses are the most important gatherings of dance specialists, since 1987; see why at


Whirling dancer with kalathiskos. Painting on vase -300 B.C., approx. Italy, Taranto, Museo Nazionale.