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51st World Dance Congress, Athens 4-8/07/2018


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On the spot registration is possible to attend only, not to present. No entrance without badge.

Your presentation – Duration
Time is observed strictly – no one gets even one minute more. Classes: 30 minutes. Lectures and Reports: 20 minutes. Performances: up to 5 minutes for solos and duos, 10 minutes for companies. Give your music for duration check. Rehearsal on the same day only.

You are responsible for your own presentation material.
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Your tradition
The World Congress is also an opportunity to discover more about cultural diversity. Wear ethnic or local costume at the opening ceremony (optional).

Accommodation and tourist information
Please contact:
Dance Holidays International



  1. Change currency to euros
  2. Change your watch or mobile phone to local hour
  3. Get plan of the city from hotel.
  4. Call your hotel or the Secretariat at
    +30 210 324 4395 or  +30 210 324 6188 or +30 698 815 5389 mobile
  1. Check in your hotel. Ask them the way to the Congress venues.



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Dora Stratou Office Building
 “Dora Stratou Dance Theatre” OFFICE BUILDING, Plaka
House of the Dance, Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens

(Click here to see the map)

Tel.: +30 210 324 4395, Mobile: +30 698 815 5389


 “Dora Stratou Dance Theatre” Philopappou Hill
Dora Stratou Greek Dance Theater, Philopappou Hill, Athens, Greece.

(Click here to see the map)

Tel.+30 210 921 4650 (from 19:30)   


The Ionic Center
11 Lysiou Street. 10556 Athens, Greece

(Click here to see the map)

Tel. +30 210 3246614


Vyzantino Restaurant
18 Kidathineon str., GR-10558 Plaka, Athens

Tel. + 30 210 322 7368


Local information

Taxi fare is about 5 euros within the city center. Nearest metro station is Acropolis, also convenient are Syntagma and Monastiraki stations.


CID membership fee is 55 euros, congress registration is 65 euros ($80 and $100 respectively) not refundable. Conferees have free access to all events, only if wearing their badge. Presentations are $20 each.


Bring light dresses, sunglasses, hat. Drink much water. Expected temperature is above 30 degrees centigrade. Wear ethnic or local costume at the opening ceremony (optional).


It is important that as many CID members as possible make your acquaintance. Bring many brochures and visiting cards to give away. Display articles, publications, distribute photocopies of your lecture.


Make sure your insurance covers you for the trip. Call your embassy if in need.


Dial 00 for overseas calls, then the country number. Keep phone number and address of your hotel with you. From abroad, dial +30 for Greece. For emergencies call us at +30 698 815 5389.


Do not miss the family photo with all conferees.


Over 30 million visitors will come to Greece this year; everything is provided for their needs. English is spoken everywhere, other languages too. The nearest beach is 15 minutes away, taxi fare about 6 euros.